Home Workout Program (LIMITED TIME)

Home Workout Program (LIMITED TIME)

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I hope everyone is staying safe during these stressful, difficult and uncertain times. Due to gyms all across the world being closed down, I wanted to offer a heavily discounted at home workout program to anyone interested. I will incorporate all bodyweight exercises, as well as some weighted movements with objects you can find around your house for the best possible workout given the current circumstances. 

What it Includes:

-Full app access. I cannot guarantee message responses on the app due to my time dedication to my current clients. 

-You'll be able to track weigh-ins, track workouts, watch and read through videos and documents, and have everything in one place on your phone. 

-Full body workout program you can do with absolutely nothing. There may be exercises I suggest using objects around your house to intensify the workout, but totally optional. 

-Weekly split that can be done up to four weeks. 

-Does not include a custom meal plan, workout adjustments or client check-ins. 

The Process:

I will have to manually set you up on the app and then create the plan for you. So once you make the purchase please give me a few hours to get you set up on the app, and then potentially up to 12-24 for me to upload your plan for you. Please email me with any questions and avoid the messaging feature on the app if you have any technical questions. nicpalladino.fitness@gmail.com